Ever-shifting appetites: The hottest food and beverage stocks

According to Bell, two factors drive trends today. Customers live in an ever-increasing sensory-stimulating world that elevates their requirements for uniqueness, Bell told SmartBrief. The instant and far-reaching influence customers have over other customers through social media causes their likes and dislikes to be the impetus for rapid responses to their newer and higher expectations. The Hartman Group said it has also noticed a trend in touting freshness, as well as sustainability. We know that among changing restaurant menu and format propositions that several popular formats offer cues to quality which include freshness, [such as] Panera Bread, or sustainability, [such as] Chipotle both of which are central to produce on the menu, said David Wright, senior associate at the Bellevue, Wash.-based consumer research firm, The Hartman Group. Webster also wrote that Dataessentials has seen a growing interest in, and proliferation of, seasonal, locally-sourced and heirloom produce varieties, as well as increased demand for, and menuing of, fresh items, with fresh being defined broadly. Other interesting menu trend findings from The Hartman Groups recent report, Sustainability 2013: When Personal Aspirations and Behavior Diverge, include: In food service and restaurants, menu selections and communications are the foundation of a sustainability halo. Consumers find it difficult to separate the sustainability of a foodservice location/restaurant brand from its food.

Excel Bottling is one of two local craft beer breweries using Missouri Beverage to distribute their products in the state. Call 618-526-7159 or visit http://www.excelbottling.com for more information about where to purchase any of the Excel Bottling products. Stay informed with new Excel Bottling Co. news and special events on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ExcelBrewery. About Excel Bottling Company Excel Bottling Company was founded in 1936 by the Meier Family.

Will have to check with my coworkers about where to obtain a few of the ingredients though. When soaking the seeds, do you use water or milk? How long will it keep? I’m just thinking I will be the only person drinking this at home and might prefer not to drink it all at Catering Bandung once. Tarun Upadhyaya (author) in reply to BayRatt Jul 19, 2013. 10:16 PM Reply Thank you so much for your kinds words :[). I mentioned that in Ingredient list :), but again for you 🙂 You can soak them in plain water for 20-30 minutes. BTW..

(It does also make the Tastykake line of snacks, which, lets just say, caters to a different set of consumer tastes.) Also on the list is B&G Foods Inc., which makes Dash seasoning, Cream of Wheat cereal and Bakers Joy. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. is the seller of the Keurig coffee machine and single-serve K-cups. Its stock traded for less than $18 a year ago. You can now buy it for close to $75. So instead of turning up mainly old-reliable, boring, meat-and-potato stocks, this table instead shows some pretty pricey stocks that rely more heavily on the trendy, health-conscious consumer. (As always, please do your own research before buying any of these.) One interesting inclusion on the list is Darling International Inc.


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